Beautify Your Kitchen Interior Designs with 6 Simple Tips

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Whether your kitchen is having a new facelift or you are designing it from scratch, kitchen interior designs make up a large part of the designing process. If you enjoy your time in the kitchen, imagine maneuvering around your world-class kitchen like an Iron Chef, the silverware glistening on the shelves, waiting for you to plate your beautiful food on them.

Some might prefer a small, comfy kitchen with the few necessary appliances, and natural lighting topped with the right finishes to give it a complete, cozy look.

Take Your Time

Regardless of the kitchen interior designs, never rush through the renovation project. Kitchens can be costly as one small mistake in measurement will cost you a few thousands to reconstruct. Have the specific measurements before installation, so be sure to give your interior designer (if you are engaging one) the measurements of your built-in oven, fridge, or any other appliance that will affect the position of the sink or the cabinets.

Do take note that if you are installing a kitchen island, allow a walking pathway of at least 1m wide, and at least 1.25m wide through cooking zones. I did not pick this out from the air, this is according to my good friend, and interior design expert, James.

Smart Purchase

James is the business owner of Haven Interior, and he never fails to emphasize to homeowners that they should look at the quality and feel the materials before making the final decision. In this digital age, everything is bought online, so pay close attention to the details of your purchase. Shop around and have a look at the appliance or floor tiles you will be purchasing before making the deal. Take your time to search for your ideal item, and never buy hastily, unless of course there is a huge sale going on and everything is going at a 70%-90% discount. Please don’t forget to share the link to this awesome deal in the comments, I’m sure all readers will love you, I included!

Invest In Quality Cabinets

What is the most important component in your kitchen? For me, it has to be the cabinets. I love to buy appliances – waffle maker, bread maker, electric mixer, hand mixer, coffee machine, microwave… I always tell my husband since I can’t be a Master Chef, I can be one in my own kitchen. Who’s with me? Now, do you get why cabinets are so important to me? *Wink*

James never has a lack of stories about how homeowners tend to overlook the importance of cabinets. We use them every day such that we take these cabinets for granted. Many homeowners do not include the amount of storage space they need, not only in the kitchen. If you buy cabinets with awful workmanship, you can even see the laminate peeling at the edge! Think about this, if you were to buy this cabinet online from outside your region, how are you going to request for an exchange? This is why you must make sure to engage a professional carpenter or designer to ensure there will be no compromise in workmanship and style.

Also take note that when you invest in quality cabinetry, they will be more sturdy and last longer. You do not have to spend extra cash to replace them after one to two years. The right types of hinges also play a part. Soft closing hinges are more expensive, but you remove the risk of having your child’s little fingers getting trapped in the drawers, and no more loud banging from the cabinet doors. My boys used to love banging the cabinet doors until I changed all the hinges in my home. They were laughing away telling us that “It’s like an orchestra performance!”. You should have seen their faces when they saw the doors swinging so slowly one afternoon. Mommy 1, Boys 0.

Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

If your home interior theme comes with an open kitchen scheme, make sure that the colors of your cabinets blend in with the rest of the house. Modern designs usually involve black and white, with smooth textures so you might want to avoid wood finishing of all sorts. Instead, you can opt for marble-like finishing, or dark colour contrasts to bring out the edginess.

Likewise, if you are lucky to have your home close to nature, take advantage of the natural light and create a beautiful oak kitchen.

kitchen interior designs for kitchen cabinets
Image – Unsplash

No matter your kitchen interior design, it should reflect the theme of your entire home design to look more cohesive and have a smooth flow. Unless your theme involves a different interior design style for every room, decide on two or three main colors for your home, so these colors will reflect in your kitchen interior design theme too.

Flooring In Kitchen Interior Designs

The color and material used for flooring will affect the overall look of your kitchen. There are many types of flooring designs to suit everyone’s needs. For example, vinyl flooring is child-friendly, anti-slip, and it gives a luxurious look to your kitchen. Marble flooring adds to the luxury feel. There is also eco-friendly flooring, cost-friendly tile flooring, etc. Depending on your kitchen’s theme of your kitchen, the flooring should blend in with the colors of your cabinets. Believe it or not, flooring can make your island and kitchen worktop stand out when selected correctly.

When choosing the type of flooring, work with your designer. Let her know your priorities, budget, and preferences. James always reminds me to add a little curb below my cabinets, as these are made of wood and they will rot when in contact with water. That’s because my dishwasher and washing machine are beside the cabinets, and there are times when leakage is unavoidable.

The easiest flooring to maintain is vinyl flooring. There are no hacking needed, only a flat floor surface is enough. The panels are clipped on, and there are no gaps to allow for seepage. If you intend to sell your home in the future, this clip-on flooring will make a good selling point. Since no hacking and laying of cement is needed, you will be saving a good amount of money in your renovations. Currently, there is a new trend of using bamboo charcoal flooring. It is not only eco-friendly, but it is also cost-efficient. You can speak to your designer about this new style of flooring, as it is still not available in many regions.

Lighting Are Part Of Kitchen Interior Designs

kitchen interior designs for kitchen cabinets
Image – Unsplash

How can we forget another important element? Whether it is natural or decorative lighting, lightings do play a part in kitchen interior designs. Warm lights are more commonly used as they give a warm feel, while white lights are used in homes with bigger kitchens. Avoid using white light in a small space as it not only increases the heat in the kitchen, it can be painful to the eyes.

Never underestimate the power of lighting. Natural lighting brings out the Scandinavian scheme of your kitchen, while sleek lights are suitable for a modern kitchen. Most of the interior design styles still love natural lights, as it brings life to the room.

Lighting also helps to make the room look bigger. No, it’s not only mirrors. Add a couple of pot lights over the island and you will never want to leave your kitchen again.

Whether you are doing a revamp of your kitchen, or changing out the cabinets in your kitchen, you should talk to a professional designer. He or she will be able to assist and tell you in your renovation project based on your budget, timeline, and vision. You have invested time and money into your home, spending hours searching the internet for kitchen interior designs ideas, all the more you deserve to turn your ideas into reality. Saving those bucks sometimes might end up spending a few more thousands, and that is never a path you want to walk.

What are the colour themes of your beloved kitchen? Share with us in the comments below!


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