8 Interior Design Themes for Your Home

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You woke up one day and decided your house needs a new makeover. You scour through Pinterest excited at the beautiful home galleries, shortly realizing you can’t decide on one interior design theme. Sounds familiar?

I know that feeling too! Lucky for you, I got my interior designer friend, James from Haven Interior, to recommend and I quote “the latest of the latest trends in 2019 / 2020”. Here’s 8 interior design styles for you to make you a happier homeowner. Let’s go!

1. Traditional Interior Design

This interior style uses classic, elegant furnishings and artistically crafted antique pieces, with rich 18th and 19th century European historic stories. Usually this type of homes includes the glamorous and very-hard-to-miss crystal chandelier looking down with style in the living room or dining room. All accessories and furniture come in a matching pair to give it a symmetric, clean and elegant feel.

Traditional homes love dark wood coloured tables and chairs, and textiles such as silk, velvet and cashmere from upholstery to windows treatments. Solid colours are mostly left out, replaced with patterns such as stripes and florals to add to the elegance. Neutral palettes sophistical vibrant colours from their textiles Neutral colour palettes are a favourite in traditional homes to bring out the vibrant colours and patterns from the furnitures and accessories.

2. Modern Design Style

Another word for the modern style is sleek and it started from the 20th century. Unlike traditional style homes, modern homes do not have lamps with floral patterns or dark wodden chairs that have beautiful carvings and curves on them. Instead, the furnitures in modern home come with clean lines and smooth, sleek surfaces. Glass is a more popular choice among the designers to give the room a brighter and clean look, and primary colours with bold colour contrasts make up the most of the home.

The most popular monochrome colours used are black and white, with a few art pieces consisting of bold colours such as blue and yellow to brighten up the home.

3. Transitional Interior Design

Now, what happens when you like traditional design style but your spouse prefers the modern designs because it looks cooler and trendy? Good news is there’s a design style call the Transitional designer style.

It’s a combination of both traditional and modern elements, as both styles ask for neutral colour palettes and minimal accessories. We let the textiles and curved shapes do the talking; Use your black and white carpet and cushions set paired with a cream coloured sofa, and a steel and glass coffee table for instance, to give the room a very warm and welcoming look, yet sleek and stylish at the same time. This style has been becoming more popular among the young couples because it not only brings out the fun in the home, it also portrays the differnt outlook of lifestyles of the couple.

4. Contemporary Design Style

Many people get confused when it comes to modern and the contemporary styles. While the modern style is the interpretation of the design from the 20th century, contemporary design styles are those that are on going. This include open spaces incorporated with designer lightings, areas with plenty of natural light and numerous glass, metal and wood in light and dark tones.

Contemporary design homes do not have a particular style or design, they give a more free spirited style and trendy feel, therefore in order to create the beautiful contemporary home, the designer must know the current trend at his/her fingertips.

5. Minimalist Interior Design

This design style, or what my friends love to name it the ‘Marie Konda style’, is the true meaning of simplicity, fuss-free and redefined.

You will never be able to find patterns or textiles in this minimalist home. Usually designers keep to the neutral colour palettes, but some of them will include primary colours as the accent colour. All furnitures are functional aka practical, therefore most of them come with storage areas for you to store your stash away.

6. Scandivanian Design Style

When you step into a Scandinavian design home, the first thing that crosses your mind is how clean the home is.

Some designers will use a few dark coloured accessories like rugs or art pieces to give the room an artistic style, or incorporate natural elements like wide wooden floor planks to move towards a more natural feel. These homes commonly have large room areas with plenty of natural light shining through, mainly to portray the simple life in Nordic countries.

7. Rustic Interior Design

When you hear rustic, you think of raw wood, leather and stone. The true rustic design style involves natural inspiration and accessories that are related to the outdoors. Ceilings, beams and floorings will be natural wood planks to give the room and earthy and organic feel to it.

Rustic interior style homes can go either with the dark colour theme or the modern and contemporary theme where natural light and various elements combined to it unique and exclusive.

8. Industrial Design Style

The industrial interior design style have pipes and wiring exposed, including beams and bricks. Colours such as grey, white and neutral colours are mainly used and floorings are usually concrete tiles. In addition, put in a dining table made of wood or wood lookalike, paired with metal chairs and you’re halfway towards the industrial design style look.

This style is best used in urban lofts with high ceilings, as dangling light fixtures and large furnitures are used to make them look like machinery used in a warehouse. You can add on pieces of abstract art and photography to give the room some pop up colour. Too small a room, unfortunately, you will feel like you are Alice going through the small door.

In short, if you think you’ve stepped into a industrial warehouse rather than the clean and sleek for instance, you know you are in an Industrial interior design home.

To conclude, clean and sleek design elements are my personal favourites, so definitely modern and contemporary interior designs are my to go to styles. Add on the natural sunlight and my home will look big on style. What about you?


  1. Fab post! Really enjoying interior posts so loving this! It’s awesome seeing lots of different themes – There are so many nowadays!

    Stay wonderful!

    Louna | burstsofautumn

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