Amidst the darkness of Covid-19, appreciation is learned

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New Category!

So…. I decided to write outside of real estate posts and introduce another new segment – Lifestyle. I was contemplating between creating another website to focus on this two topics or merge it into this blog, and I decided on the latter. Reason: All these are our assets. Our valuable life assets. Agree?

For now, I’ll be focusing on parenting and fitness. I would love to add pets into this too, but what do you guys think? Leave your comments at the bottom of this post! Disclaimer, I’m no expert in dieting or personal training, so my posts are either from my own experiences, opinions and / or the research that I’ve painstakingly combed through online.

Let’s get started…..

Before everything else, I want to talk about appreciation and gratitude during this COVID-19 pandemic. No one would have seen the day where countries with large tourist crowds are now dead towns, or the stock market to be consistently seeing red when they were doing so well few months ago.

In Singapore, I really have to applaud our government and front line workers for being so quick to implement equipment and tests to try to prevent the spread when it first started, although right now the inevitable has happened. We are above the 1k range of Covid-19 positive cases, but still we are one of the countries with the lowest number of deaths, and the numbers only surged these few weeks whereas in other countries, the numbers flew up so fast like a rocket ship.

Singapore has entered a Circuit Breaker period for the whole month of April until 4th of May, we are still allowed to do our grocery shopping, buying food in the hawker centre and exercising in the parks. Although all public and condominium facilities have to be closed, but we need to be thankful that at least we still get to have a small portion of our normal lifestyle. Imagine how much it would have been if we go into a lockdown, only one person is permitted to go out of the house at any one time, for a certain time during the day.

Let’s thank our lucky stars

I do admit that it can be difficult to adjust to this change, but we have to know that this is all for our own health and safety.

Do you really want to be lying in the isolated hospital bed with machines beeping beside your ear, looking at the doctors and nurses wearing full protection gears hovering over your bed and your wild thoughts wondering if you will be able to walk out of the hospital alive?

For me, just thinking of this is painful enough to make me want to stay home unless I really have to get the daily necessities for my family. I can’t bear the thought of leaving my 3 boys and husband.

However, I see many people ranting about their unhappiness and frustrations on social media and circulating all sorts of nasty messages in Whatsapp and Telegram. I hear of friends complaining that they have to tolerate their children’s screams and fights while they still need to work on their laptops at home.

Truth be told, I am not looking forward to having all 3 boys at home 24/7 with me for the next month either. I’ve already got my noise cancellation earplugs and loud speaker ready when they get into their half hourly fights. I am nevetheless happy that at least I know they are safe.

All I can say is: Just be thankful that you get to see your children fighting and screaming. I Do you know how much the frontline workers would love to just hear and see their children? Who cares if they are screaming or fighting? All these healthcare workers ask for is more time with their family. Yet, they are there for the patients, helping them to fight for their lives so that these people can be back with their family.

Our income have also been affected very badly. Freelancers, business owners, self-employed persons, even the employed personnels are not spared. Many employees are being retrenched or they have to bear with a 70% pay cut because business owners cannot sustained the finances.

Many freelancers and the self-employed persons go without a single income for months due to the nature of their business, the others a huge income loss. One of my businesses is in the pet industry and ever since the Covid-19 virus worsened in January, different countries around the world went into a lockdown, my income from this business has gone down to less than $500 a month.

I am not going to deny this, it has been really difficult and depressing the past couple of months. However, I decided that I should be thankful that at least we have sufficient savings and my husband still has a stable income to tide the family through this period.

But we will get through this!

If you are going through emotional pain and mental stress, know that you are definitely not alone. Everyone is going through their sets of problems, some are better off while others might not be so lucky.

We are lucky our government has stepped out to offer so much financial help to the low-income families especially, and providing large subsidies so that we don’t have to pay the high price of the COVID-19 tests. For more information regarding the types of financial relief help Singaporeans can receive, click here!

Let us all be thankful that we get to stay home with our family, that we are still able to put food on the table for every meal, we are still able to go about to dabao (takeaway) our food and supermarkets are still open.

Let’s all play our crucial role to help stop this virus from spreading within our community so that we can have our lifestyle back again. We are in this whether we like it or not, so only when we are united as one nation, then we can fight this COVID-19 together. For now, here’s wishing everyone stay healthy, be safe, wear your masks when you’re out and wash your hands when you reach home!

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