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Hi! Welcome to Millennial Mom At Work! I am a full-time entrepreneur mom blogger, who juggles between writing, three young boys, a husband, a dog, and a cat. Yes, it can be overwhelming but fulfilling at the same time! So, whether you’re a parent struggling to understand your child or you are looking for inspirations and motivations to improve yourself, this is the blog you don’t want to miss!

Besides writing about parenting tips and techniques, I couldn’t resist adding in 2 of my favorite topics – Real Estate and Interior Design. I am a registered realtor, and I have decided to put my knowledge into words to help homeowners find their dream home. What comes after purchasing that dream home? Beauty and Color of course!

I hope that through my blog, Millennial Mom At Work, women, parents, and all readers around the world will be inspired and motivated to become stronger human beings, more confident of themselves, and have an enjoyable parenting journey.

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moms and parents
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