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I’m Juliana, and welcome to my writing journey portfolio!

My work of art covers 3 niche topics:
– Motherhood
– Parenting
– Personal growth

And also other general topics that include:
– Pets
– Real Estate
– Interior Design
– Entrepreneuship
– Leadership
– Lifestyle

– Fitness

I would describe myself as one who loves to pour out her thoughts in a creative flow, with an abundance of ideas spilling out of a dam. My hunger for perfection has led me down a journey of continuously improving my skills and knowledge – digital marketing knowledge, copywriting, SEO, blogging, creative writing, website creation etc. Accepting feedback with an open mind is crucial. My years in the sales industry has taught me to listen and tune it up, as they always say “Go Big or Go Home”.

Looking forward to collaborating with you on
– Sponsored posts
– Review writing
– Content/blog writer
– Guest posts

Here are some of my writing pieces:

5 Benefits Why Having A Routine Can Make You Efficient

Many have underestimated the power of routines, and are feeling dejected during this pandemic period. They feel lost, unmotivated and low in productivity. Having a set of routines will set the pace, puts the mind at ease, and helps you make better decisions.

entrepreneur writing
5 Reasons Entrepreneur Moms Succeed And Inspire

Never be chained just because you are a mom. Every woman is able to succeed with grit, determination and family support. Successful entrepreneurs have set the stage but successful entrepreneur moms have set it on fire.

Should Your Child Have A Pet? Here’s 5 Interesting Benefits!

I strongly believe that pets complete a family. Animals teach us so much life values that no textbooks or novels can talk about, and we learn to give selflessly through our pets. Thus the birth of this post!

How To Make Drawing Fun and Exciting For Your Kids

Drawing is a fun filled activity for the whole family; it brings the family together and builds strong bonds between one another. Drawing not only helps with the child’s coordination, but it also increases creativity and decision-making during the process. With so many drawing tools in the market, which ones are the more preferred ones that wouldn’t leave a mess behind?

Beautify Your Kitchen Interior Designs with 6 Simple Tips

Kitchens are one of the important pieces to the puzzle in a home. But they can often be compromised in style and design. When the renovations are completed, homeowners start to realize the lack of cabinets or the inconvenience of getting salt from the rack. You can avoid these mistakes through these 6 simple tips!

If my content and writing style is a good match for your needs, I would love to bring this discussion further! You can find my resume at my LinkedIn or jlvisualsg@gmail.com and you can be sure I will reply your email in the shortest time.

Warmest Regards
Author of Millennial Mom At Work