A Real Estate Agent – Do you aspire to be one?

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Do you look at your real estate agent friends posting pictures of the deal they’d closed with a proud smile on their faces, and wish you are one of them? Before you continue wishing, look beyond those big smiles and see those crows feet eyes, and the eye bags under them. They are there for a reason.

#1 Real estate agent does more than just paperwork.

It’s not as simple as it looks. It’s not just a signature and the deal is sealed. Before that golden moment, it’s the real estate agent who stands in front of the buyer / seller to negotiate the deal. It is also the real estate agent’s job to make sure that both sides understand the terms in the contract before sealing the deal, especially when either side is not represented by another agent. In other words, it is the real estate agent dealing with the emotional side of his / her clients as well.

#2 A realtor’s timing is not as flexible as they say

You are tired of your 9 – 5 job, facing an overbearing boss and doing the same thing every single day. You want a change to your routine and most importantly, you want to be able to decide when to work and when to relax. Well, here’s the reality.

We do get the flexibility to decide what time we want to meet clients, when to show houses and how we are going to bring in sales. Unfortunately most clients are usually free after their working hours and on weekends, being a real estate agent it means you run your own business which also means that time is money. Every opportunity is a hope of getting a listing or closing the deal no matter what time. How do you get to choose then?

#3 Trust is not included, It Is Earned

If a stranger comes up to you wanting to borrow your Iphone 11 Pro Max, how much do you trust that this stranger will not run away with the phone? However, if your friend asks to borrow it, will you lend it to him / her no questions asked?

It’s all about the trust.

Some of us spend many follow ups and repeated meetups before we gain the trust of our clients. It is not easy to put a 6,7 digit property value home in someone’s hands, trusting that this particular person will do what it takes to bring in the best deal. It is through our own beliefs that we have our clients’ wellbeing at heart, our sincerity and our ethics that gain this trust. And it is not a skill we can learn overnight, it is something we learn after alot of interactions and rejections.

#4 Being a realtor can be an emotional rollercoaster

There are good months and there are the bad months. This will happen to even the top producers of every agency. Use the earnings from the good months to cover the bad but work harder on the bad months. In the human psychology, it is very easy to get defeated and dejected when you are at the top one month and the bottom the next. Every drop in the ranking is another spiral downwards. Without the support from your agent peers, you’re out of the game. You will have to learn to accept that emotion and how to overcome this feeling.

#5 A real estate agent gets the criticisms

Any normal person will not happily hand over a cheque of over $10,000 just for your commission. Will you?

You will need to learn to put yourself in the client’s shoes and show them through your efforts and sincerity that your commission amount is not simply paying you to do the paperwork. When you’re a brand new agent, accept that there are lots of things you do not know yet, and you must be willing to take criticisms from clients and colleagues in order to go far in your career. Every wall you hit is a hurdle to make you stronger.

Pieces of advise specially for you…

  • Being a real estate agent can be fun and exciting, yet demoralizing and challenging.
  • Interacting with new people can be eye opening, but know that these clients can expect the most from you, and you must learn to handle these expectations.
  • Look at this career not as a salesperson but as someone who is bringing guidance to your clients. Treat them as your friend and they’ll treat you back the same.
  • Never join this trade for the money, you will end up being more miserable than you are right now.
  • Constantly upgrade yourself; whether it’s to do with the property market or the digital world.
  • Look at yourself as a brand, every agent has his/her own brand. How are you going to market your brand?
  • Look for a good mentor. It’s a constant search as good mentors are hard to come by.
  • Lastly but not least, it is ok to make mistakes along the way. You will gain new insights with every mistake made. Look at it positively and never give up. With good leadership and support from your peers, you will be able to pull through all the walls that you will be knocking and emerge stronger.
Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

To sum it all…

Having been in the field as a real estate agent, I’ve had my share of ups and downs which is why I decided to pen down (or rather type down) the emotions and experiences I’ve come across. There are still more, but these 5 pointers I feel are the main key factors you need to be aware if you intend to join the industry or are a new agent.

It is my duty to make sure that my clients are able to entrust their property to me without worrying about the paperwork for the sale or purchase, clearly aware of the procedures of what we are doing. If you would like to connect with me for a chat or send me feedback regarding your home property, feel free to email me at propnexjuliana@gmail.com or you can also whatsapp me here. Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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